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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Descanco Gardens Tulips in Bloom!

Camellia sasanquaImage via Wikipedia

TUESDAY the 18th DESCANO GARDENS - a train for ike, and us - don't be afraid of too much walking - you're w/me! There's also Japanese Tea AND you can bring your sack lunch or buy food there! ... TULIPS in full bloom - lots o space for ikey to run round - DYING to go !!!!

ALSO; it is HALF-OFF that day!

and check out this yelp review from March 09:

"I highly recommend this garden when you have to entertain family. There are fewer screaming babies and tour groups. Admission is cheaper (the third Tuesday of the month is half off!) and the camellias are blooming madly through the pines.

Aba, btw I've tired multiple times to reach u thru dif entities - what is best way to reach you exactly? if u say call, tell me which one
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